Behaviour Principles

Montbelle Primary School Statement of Behaviour Principles


Rationale and Purpose

This Statement has been drawn up in accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006, and DfE guidance (Behaviour and Discipline in Schools: a Guide for Governing Bodies 2015) and the Equality Act 2010.

This is a statement of principles, not practice: the content of this document underpins the Montbelle Behaviour Policy (available on the school website), reflecting the shared aspirations and beliefs of governors, staff, parents and carers for the children in the school, as well as taking full account of law and guidance on behaviour matters. Staff have the support of the Governing Body in following this guidance.

Our Behaviour Principles

Our principles reflect our school values, our commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, our Stonewall Champion commitment, the development of children’s behaviours for learning, and our curriculum drivers.

· Montbelle is an inclusive school. All members of our Montbelle School community be free from any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying. This behaviour is unacceptable at all times.

· We believe equity is achieved when everyone has access to the environment and the resources to ensure they achieve their full potential. This will differ from individual to individual.

· Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time in all areas of the school.

· Children are taught to listen carefully and know how to use their voice: children’s thoughts and opinions are valued, listened to and respected.

· Children learn to be accountable for their actions and the potential impact on themselves and others: the school uses the Restorative Approach to this effect. This approach allows children to learn from a situation and to make reparation wherever possible.

· Children should be supported develop strong systems for self-regulation, self-discipline, empathy and emotional resilience.

· Adults in school should be consistent role models for all children, maintaining, encouraging and promoting positive behaviour: the teaching of British Values should support the principles of fairness and justice.

· High expectations for good behaviours, ‘making the right choice’ and the use of effective learning behaviours and effort provide the foundations for our children to become confident, resilient and self-assured learners.

· The school works in partnership with parents/carers to develop and promote positive behaviours - and seek advice from appropriate outside agencies wherever necessary.

· Good attendance is essential to ensure children reach their potential both academically and socially. Good attendance habits are developed in Nursery and Reception.

· Suspension and Exclusion from school is a last resort. Any such action should be issued in accordance with guidance from the Local Authority.

· We understand that behaviour can be the result of trauma or can communicate unmet needs. Staff will work with children and parents to understand how best children can be supported.

These principles, and the Behaviour Policy, apply to all children at all times when they are in school, engaged in extra-curricular clubs and activities, and when they are participating in educational trips and visits (both residential and day trips). They also apply when children are travelling to and from school.

We have a supportive and engaged parent/carer network. Adults work confidently in partnership with the school. This is underpinned by parental understanding that Governors will not tolerate violence, threatening behaviour or abuse by pupils or parents/carers towards the school’s staff.

Behaviour Policy

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