Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of of the following people:

Elspeth Geden –  Headteacher

Helen Bowman –Assistant Head Inclusion Lead.

Simon Kinsella -Assistant Headteacher

Zoe Roberts – Acting Assistant Head /Teaching and Learning Lead / Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader

Janice Aylmer – Key Stage 1 Phase Leader/Pupil Premium Champion

Emma Russell – Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader/ ECT Induction Lead

Ashley Hoyte - Acting Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader/ Maths Leader

Kayleigh Woodland 

Gemma Eardley

As an SLT, we work on school improvement priorities to ensure that every child in Montbelle receives the first class education they deserve. Please click on the following link to view the core purpose of the Senior Leadership team: 

SLT Core Purpose and Vision Statement

Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery, Jemison Class: Marie Smith and Emma Mills (History Subject Lead)

Reception, Peake Class: Holly Sheen (Science Subject Lead)

Reception, Armstrong Class: Bethany Roads


Key Stage 1

Year 1,  Donaldson Class: Janice Aylmer (KS1 Leader,Pupil Premium Champion)

Year 1,  Rosen Class: Eva Troplini 

Year 2  Wonder Class: Esme Goddard (Geography Subject Leader)

Year 2,  Anderson Class: Alexis Miles

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3, Wiley Class: Clare Elliott and Joanne Wardrope

Year 3, Kahlo Class: Samira Paraschiv

Year 4, Rashford Class:  Emma Russell (LKS2 Leader, )

Year 4, Simmonds Class: Sachi Richmond (Music Subject Leader)

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5, Einstein Class: Siobhan Burne (Children's Leadership Lead)

Year 5, Maathai Class:  Kayleigh Norbury and Nicola Wood

Year 6, Attenborough Class: Victoria Bayes (Art Subject Leader)

Year 6, Malala (Yousafzai) Class: Ashley Hoyte (Maths Subject Leader)


Additional Learning and Wellbeing support:

London Eye Class: Sophie Collier (Class Teacher (SEND))

School Learning Mentor: Debbie Robinson

School Counsellor: Ian Newman

Additional Teachers:

PPA/PE: Claire Helps (Sports Premium Champion)

Vimbai Gavure, Kayleigh Woodland, Gemma Eardley, Eve Leathem

Specialist Teachers

External Teachers (including peripatetic music and sport teachers):

Hayley Bromhead, P.E (Coach from Progressive Sports: Dance teacher and staff CPD)

Elva P.E (Coach from Progressive Sports)

Hannah Bray, Flute Tutor

Claire Sandringham, Piano Teacher


Classroom Support Assistants


Sue Merrett (HLTA)

Katrina Fowler

Mandy Jerrett

Sharon Woodrow


Ras Ahmet (HLTA)

Megan Myers

Saffron Tough

Ayse Naim

Sonya Beale

Sue Abbott


Helen Relf (HLTA)

Stephanie Hussey

Hayley Washford

Cath Lochtie

Liane Stowell



Kayley Thompson (HLTA)

Sarah Fisher

Nikki Kimble

Mandy Clinton

Caroline French

Georgia Lander

Additional Support

Samantha Fitzpatrick

Nicola Stanley

Maria Whitehorn

Narzif Ustusoy

Charlie Morgan-Barrett

Shaney Stopperton

Breakfast Club Staff

Kelly Chamberlain

Jane Lock

Kirsty Lock

Admin and Premises Staff

Alison Hawkins, Administration Officer

Kim Rouse, Administration Officer

Jade Hornett, Administration Officer


David Williams, Premises Manager

Mid-day meal supervisors

Trudie Hook (Senior MMS)

Kelly Chamberlain

Mandy Clinton

Vincent Gubbins

Sharon Harding

Nahida Kauser

Jane Lock

Debbie  MacDonald

 Nicola Regan

Shaney Stopperton

Carly Coverdale

Cleaning staff

Glynis Williams

Jane Hayward

Kelly Chamberlain

Debbie Macdonald

Catering Staff

Michelle Barnes

Phillippa Bloomfield

Lesley Hancock

Olayinka Ayoola

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