British Values

At Montbelle Primary School we uphold and teach pupils about British Values, as directed by the Department for Education to, ‘create and enforce a clear expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths’.

At Montbelle, these values are taught explicitly through our PSHE curriculum, SMSC, Citizenship and RE and are also embedded in our school values through being a Stonewall Champion and Silver Rights Respecting School in the following ways:


– Opportunities for children to debate and discuss their Rights, news in the media and to build their own opinion about matters that shapes their lives;

– Opportunities to vote for things they want to happen and to help shape the rules of our school;

– Providing opportunities to become leaders in different roles across the school and, in doing so, uphold the rights of others and take on additional responsibility;

– Use their class Children’s Leadership representative to put across their ideas about how the school could be improved and work with the Senior Leadership Team to do so.

The Rule of Law:

– Children understand that they have rights and the adults are the Duty Holders of these rights;

-Children are taught the law is there to protect them and they understand there are consequences to breaking the law;

-Our school community understand our behaviour policy: the Restorative Approach is used to support conflict resolution, giving children the opportunity to reflect on their actions and make things right;

-Working with agencies and the Police to provide children with the information they need to understand the importance of living within the law.

Individual Liberty:

-Our school aims ensure children know they have a voice: a Star of the Week focus is linked to child voice and using it in the right way;

-Children have the opportunity to represent their peers in a range of ways and make things happen;

-Children are given the opportunity to express their opinions in an appropriate way;

-Through clubs, residential trips, external visitors and educational trips, children are encouraged to try new things and take on new challenges;

-Aspirations and expectations are consistently high to ensure children aspire to be the best they can;

-Our curriculum ensures children learn about the effects of war and understand how changes to attitude through history, such as slavery and the British Empire, can impact on relationships and opinions through time;

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

– We learn to respect one and other and celebrate our uniqueness: we have a Star of the Week focus on respect of others and our environment;

-We promote equality, fairness and Children’s Rights (UNCRC)

-Bullying is not tolerated: children know the importance of being ‘Upstanders’ and not a Bystander;

-We teacher children that differences are celebrated: as a highly inclusive school, children understand that some children will need additional support for their learning and behaviour;

-Children are taught about difference faiths and cultures: respect and tolerance are shown regardless of our own beliefs. Visits and visitors support the teaching of RE.

-Children understand they have a right to a free education and they should uphold everybody’s right to learn, creating a school learning environment where everybody can succeed.


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